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Everyone knows who Bill Gates is. For years, people around the world knew Gates as the geeky nerd with the crazy hair who invented the personal computer after dropping out of school. With his hair tamed by his handlers years ago, Gates is now widely promoted as the richest person in the world and perhaps the greatest philanthropist of all time.

After acquiring a fortune of about $50 billion, Gates left Microsoft for the Gates Foundation, perhaps the greatest charitable foundation in the solar system. Gates is particularly known for his efforts to help improve public education and fight disease (largely through vaccination programs) and hunger (by promoting genetically modified food). Amazingly, his fortune grew to nearly $80 billion by 2016, even as he continued giving away vast sums of money. How does he do it?

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Would you believe that only about half of what you just read is true?

Bill Gates didn’t invent the computer. He invented the Windows computer operating system, and many people say he doesn’t even deserve all the credit for that.

Bill Gates is said to be the richest person in the world — and he may also be the most powerful. (Then again, some people believe that certain Jews, particularly the Rothschilds, are far richer and more powerful even than Bill Gates.) After creating Windows, a software program that more than 95% of the world’s computers once ran on, Bill Gates’ reptutation as a wholesome genius was clinched. On top of that, Bill Gates is now the world’s most famous philanthropist and probably the biggest saint since Jesus Christ, if we are to believe the media.

Yet Bill Gates was also the most famous nerd before his handlers taught him how to comb his hair. As CEO of Microsoft, he was feared and hated as a cutthroat businessman and con artist. Many claim that Microsoft is really just a house of cards that made its fortune from crappy software. Bill Gates has even been accused of blackmailing schools and exploiting children around the world.

How much do you really know about this man who makes headlines daily, a man who appears to be the CEO of public education and global health care both? Let’s start with a short quiz: Which of the following ten statements do you think are true?

1. There’s evidence that Bill Gates dropped out of college because he knew he was about to be kicked out.
2. Bill Gates’ favorite toy, Xbox is advertised on the jerseys of Seattle’s Sounders soccer team, which plays in a tax-subsidized sports stadium owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.
3. Bill Gates once gave an Xbox (a product very popular with war gamers) wrapped in mother of pearl to South Korea’s president as a “symbol of peace.”
4. Bill Gates’ father was involved in a hit-and-run near the tax-subsidized Gates Foundation’s headquarters. He literally got out of his car and ran (or walked) away.
5. Jack Abramoff, probably the most famous corrupt lobbyist ever, worked for the lawfirm owned by Bill Gates’ father, Preston Gates & Ellis (now K&L Gates).
6. There are homeless people sleeping on sidewalks just blocks away from the headquarters of the Gates Foundation.
7. Bill Gates’ wife, Melinda, and business partner, Warren Buffett, served on the Washington Post’s board of directors — at the same time.
8. After promising to give away his entire fortune before he dies, Bill Gates (who turned 60 in 2015) saw his fortune skyrocket from $50 billion to $80 billion in just a few years, in the midst of an economic depression.
9. Though he claims to be a champion of health care, Bill Gates is the most prominent promoter of genetically modified food.
10. After claiming to support public education for years, Bill Gates sponsored legislation ushering in charter schools in Washington State.

Hold your breath: All ten statements are true. And if you don’t believe me, you’d better stop reading now, because it gets weirder; some of the conspiracy theories swirling around Bill Gates are downright bizarre. Yet there’s evidence supporting even some of the weirdest rumors.

Sex Rings

For example, the recent revelation that a man who was convicted of spreading child pornography worked in Bill Gates’ Medina mansion is a reminder that the infamous Gary Little — the most famous pedophile in Seattle’s history — may have been one of Bill Gates’ teachers. In fact, veteran Seattle teachers still share rumors about sex rings run by Little in the Seattle School District’s headquarters after he was hired as the district’s first attorney.

Some of the rumors connect Little with Bill Gates’ father. If you ever run into him, you might want to ask him if it’s true his law firm helped protect rapists in the Marianas Islands. We can’t ask Gary Little these questions, because he committed suicide after the media that had for so long protected him finally blew the whistle on him.

Bill Gates’ Invisible Father

Before his little hit-and-run, Bill Gates’ father dressed up in medieval Italian garb for a photo that graced the cover of the Seattle Weekly, promoting an article titled “Can the rich be good?” Does that qualify him as a kook, or is he just an arrogant propagandist?

When I first ran for public office in 1999, a media whore who had a column in the Seattle Weekly sent me a computer virus that wiped out some images on my computer. He said he was relaying holiday greetings from Bill Gates, Sr., adding, “It just goes to show, you can never be too careful.”

It was obviously a veiled threat to butt out of politics, but it had the opposite effect on me. Oh, yes — I discovered that the media whore who sent me the virus worked for Microsoft. I’ve discovered a lot of other things since then as well.

Bilderbergs, GMO & Ebola

The Bilderbergs are a popular theme among conspiracy theorists. I wasn’t even sure if they really exist until The Guardian ran an article about a Bilderberg conference. Among the invitees was Bill Gates. (See the article here.)

Why did Bill Gates, Monsanto and the Rockefeller Foundation invest in an Arctic “doomsday seed vault”? Is it somehow related to their love affair with genetically modified food? And is it true that Gates tested a gentically modified banana by briefly feeding it to Mongolian gerbils before testing it on people for a brief period?

Many conspiracy theorists are leery of Bill Gates’ obsession with vaccines. Some think his real agenda is manipulating or even killing people, perhaps to reduce the global population. Perhaps he’s working with the CIA, which wants to use vaccines as a biological weapon.

In a similar vein, some think Bill Gates is exploiting and perhaps even profiting from Ebola. In fact, there are claims that Gates owns a patent on an Ebola vaccine. And if that sounds too crazy to even consider, check out this article by a very qualified African scientist who believes Ebola is indeed a form of biological warfare.

Then there’s Bill Gates’ warning that some unnamed disease is going to kill 33 million people. How could he possibly offer such a precise figure? It sounds like a sales pitch; does he have another vaccine to sell? And how did Gates rake in $30 billion in just a few years when Microsoft has fallen far behind Apple and Google?

Weird Bill Gates

If you’ve heard stories about some of Bill Gates’ weird publicity stunts, like releasing swarms of mosquitoes, drinking “poop water” and giving an Xbox wrapped in mother of pearl to the South Korean president as a “symbol of peace,” be assured that these three examples are true.

It’s also true that Bill Gates wrecked a Colorado high school, helped launch charter schools in Washington State (where Gates has done nothing to help public education), and bought a lot of prime farm land in Georgia where Vidalia onions — the official state vegetable — are grown.

If you still trust Bill Gates, you might want to ask how a former nerd with tunnel vision suddently transformed into a philanthropist who cares about people around the world yet never talks about war or the environment (aside from drinking “poop water”). Or maybe you can ask him why Microsoft is so closely associated with FUD, an acronym for “Fear, Uncertainty and Deception.”

We’ll explore the strange and often scary world of Bill Gates in more detail in this series of articles.

I’m sorry it has taken so long to get this series off the ground. I’ve been busy upgrading my websites and campaigning for public office (see Governor5.com). I hope to finish this series sometime in June or July, but I can make no promises. In the meantime, a few articles will be available online even though they’re not finished.