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William H. Gates, Sr.
Jan. 20 (Monday)

The Real Power Behind Microsoft?
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Full Name: William Henry Gates II
Born: Nov. 30, 1925 in Bremerton, Washington

William H. Gates, Sr. is best known as Bill Gates’ father. What few people know is that he may be the real power behind Microsoft.

Gates is a Seattle attorney whose law firm — K&L Gates (formerly Preston, Gates & Ellis) &— has worked hand-in-hand with Microsoft. He is also a co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a global investment firm masquerading as a charity.

In August 2010, Gates was involved in a bizarre hit and run near the Gates Foundation’s tax-subsidized headquarters; he literally got out of his car and ran (or walked) away. The incident was described as a “senior moment,” leading many to question Gates’ mental health (Hit and run dismissed against Bill Gates Sr.).