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 William Laws Calley
Full Name: William Laws Calley
Born: June 8, 1943 in Miami, Florida

William Calley, associated with the infamous My Lai massacre of March 16, 1968, is probably the most famous Vietnam War era war criminal...or the most famous war criminal who was prosecuted, at least. Lieutenant Calley ordered everyone in the village — apparently all unarmed civilians, including women and children — killed. Over two dozen soldiers participated in the carnage. Evidence suggests that Calley was following orders from Captain Ernest Medina.

Though he was sentenced to life in prison, Calley wound up serving three and a half years of house arrest. An estimated 347-504 unarmed civilians were murdered in cold blood, and just one brainless soldier was prosecuted. Even bigger war crimes range from indiscriminate bombing to the use of napalm and Agent Orange, which is still killing people long after the war.