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The 21st U.S. Vice President
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 Thomas Andrews Hendricks
Full Name: Thomas Andrews Hendricks
Born: Sep. 7, 1819 in near Zanesville, Ohio
Died: Nov. 25, 1885 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Thomas A. Hendricks was the 21st Vice President of the United States (March 4-November 25, 1885) in the administration of President Grover Cleveland. (He died less than nine months after his inauguration.)

Hendrick’s political career began as a representative in the Indiana legislature (1848), followed by service as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1851-55), commissioner of the U.S. General Land Office (1855-59), U.S. senator (1863-69), and governor of Indiana (1873-77). He was the first Democratic governor to be elected in a northern state following the Civil War. Though Hendricks was loyal to the Union, his policies favored white supremacists over freed slaves.