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Rudy Crew
May 26 (Sunday)

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Full Name: Rudolph Franklin Crew
Born: Sep. 10, 1950 in Poughkeepsie, New York

Rudy Crew may be America’s most accomplished carpetbagging educrat, constantly bouncing from one state to another, with a penchant for padding his resumé with manipulated test scores and rhetoric and breaking contracts in order to secure higher paying positions.

Crew worked in Massachsuetts before serving as superintendent of school districts in Sacramento, California (1988-93); Tacoma, Washington (1993-95); New York City (1996-2000); and Miami (2004-08), where he was the highest paid superintendent in the country, earning a reported $400,000 a year. He was also recruited by Bill Gates to head a short-lived K-12 Leadership Institute in Seattle and later worked for San Francisco’s Stupski Foundation (2001-03).

Crew reportedly abandoned Tacoma with little or no notice for a higher-paying position in New York City, from where Gates recruited him. He later broke a contract with the state of Oregon for another position in New York City.

Crew became Oregon’s first Chief Education Officer in 2012, a position that paid more than the salaries of the governor, state treasurer and secretary of state combined. Crew resigned one year into his three-year commitment to accept a position to lead Medgar Evers College, City University of New York, in Brooklyn. After his resignation, a controversy erupted over his frequent out-of-state trips on personal business and attempts to be reimbursed for first-class air travel, in violation of the state’s travel rules.