June 24 (Monday)

The 26th U.S. Vice President
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 Charles Warren Fairbanks
Full Name: Charles Warren Fairbanks
Born: May. 11, 1852 in Unionville Center, Ohio
Died: June 4, 1918 in Indianapolis, Indiana

He grew up in poverty in a one-room log cabin, saw his family’s home used as a hiding place for runaway slaves, and rose to prominence as an Indiana railway attorney before he became a powerful Republican politician.

No, his name isn’t Abraham Lincoln but Charles W. Fairbanks, who served as a Senator from Indiana (1897-1905) and 26th Vice President of the United States (1905-1909) under President Theodore Roosevelt. Sometimes referred to as “the last of America’s log-cabin statesmen,” Fairbanks traced his family’s ancestry back to Puritan followers of Oliver Cromwell. Fairbanks, Alaska is named after him.