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Though based largely on logic, science is full of surprises. Just think about black holes, cosmic wormholes and the discovery that some dinosaurs had feathers.

Political science is very similar. Once you get a feel for historical patterns and a basic understanding of the social sciences, politics is surprisingly easy to understand. Yet every now and then you may run into a political black hole that can spin your head around. You may have to wade through an ocean of propaganda, disinformation and wacko conspiracy theory before you can understand it. You may be amazed a second time when you realize that the truth was right under your nose the whole time.

My Story

For me, there’s no better example than Jews, which appear to be some kind of super race.

Jews make up less than 3% of the population in the U.S., yet they’ve won more than 25% of the Nobel Prizes awarded to American scientists since 1950. They account for 20% of the country’s chief executives and 22% of Ivy League students. Albert Einstein was Jewish, as was Carl Sagan, one of my biggest heroes. One of my biggest childhood heroes was Herb Alpert — believe it or not, Jewish.

Jews rule the arts and entertainment industry. Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall and Neil Diamond are but the tip of the iceberg.

But there’s a dark side. Jews make up an even tinier percentage of the global population, yet many people belive they control the global economy and media. Some believe they’re on the verge of controlling the world. Though many people believe the U.S. government is controlled by cororations, one could also argue that it’s controlled by either “Jewish bankers” or Israel.

Along with all those cool entertainers, Jews have produced some of the most disgusting planet. They range from Ayn Rand — the Russian-born goddess of capitalism — to Milton Friedman, who some consider the Western Hemisphere’s equivalent of Adolf Hitler. Stalin’s biggest killers were Jews. Henry Kissinger is another Jew with a lot of blood on his hands. Paul Wolfowitz, described as the chief architect of the invasion of Iraq, is a Jew. Michael “Junk Bond King” Milken is a Jew. Sean Penn has one foot in acting, another in political debauchery.

Left to right, Top Row: Alan Greenspan, Bernie Madoff, Benjamin Netanyahu, Elie Wiesel
Middle Row: Paul Wolfowitz, Bernie Sanders, Ayn Rand, Sean Penn, Joe Lieberman
Bottom Row: Meyer Lansky, Noam Chomsky, Jacob Schiff, Henry Kissinger

Rumors of Jews

I heard farmers whispering about “Jewish bankers” who supposedly had enormous control over U.S. citizens when I was just a kid growing up in rural South Dakota. I later heard bizarre conspiracy theories that seemed to merge Christians, Jews and the “Illuminati” into one supernatural plot after another.

I learned that Christians had long blamed Jews for killing Jesus. During the Middle Ages, Jews were persecuted for allegedly poisoning wells and killing Christian children so they could use their blood in bizarre rituals. Jews were also blamed for the Black Death, which decimated Europe’s population.

More recently, the Magna Carta supposedly offered English citizens protection against Jews, who were later allegedly feared and despised by George Washington and Ben Franklin on the other side of the Atlantic.

After I embraced politics, I began hearing even more bad news about Jews. Not only do Jews control the global economy, we are told, they also control the media, even Hollywood. Some say Jews virtually invented the diamond industry as well as pornography.

Both world wars as well as Russia’s Bolshevik revolution were all Jewish conspiracies, some maintain. In other words, Jews are the masters of capitalism, and they’re also the power behind communism, and by extension, socialism — I guess.

Most people have heard of the Sicilian Mafia (as advertised in the movie The Godfather), but is there really such a thing as a Jewish Mafia? Before the Cuban Revolution, organized crime in that country was supposedly run by a Jew. Some say Jews almost destroyed Argentina — twice. Perhaps even more bizarre, some claim Sean Penn — a Jewish actor who befriended Venezuela’s firebrand leader, Hugo Chavez — is actually a Zionist who gloated over NATO’s murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, one of Chavez’ most esteemed allies.

There are supposedly numerous U.S. political leaders who have dual citizenship in the U.S. and Israel. Indeed, some say Jews control the United States. Some even say they’ve been plotting to control the world since the early 20th century — or perhaps for millennia.

There are people who will tell you that Israel once attacked a U.S. warship and plotted to murder U.S. citizens in Egypt. According to many, the 9/11 terrorist attacks were in reality an Israeli “false flag operation.” It has even become fashionable to blame the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Israel. Oh, yes — ISIS is a Jewish operation.

Could any of these wild stories possibly be true?

Reality Check

The good news is that these stories aren’t all true. It’s a safe bet that European Jews, who were a distinct minority, weren’t behind the Black Death. And does anyone really care who killed Jesus, assuming he even existed?

If religion and superstition don’t kill your appetite for Jew mongering, consider the source. Many of the people who say bad things about Jews are openly racist. They hate black people, Native Americans and people of Asian origin. Many will tell you they’re NeoNazis. And how could anyone be heartless enough to criticize Jews after all the horrible ordeals they’ve endured, particularly the Holocaust?

The Bad News

But if you do a little research, you can quickly verify that some of the most sinister Jew rumors are indeed true. I don’t know if stories about George Washington and Ben Franklin hating Jews are true, but I was amazed to discover that the Magna Carta really did offer citizens protection from Jews.

I’m still struggling to learn the truth about the connections between Jews and both world wars, along with Russia’s Bolshevik revolution. But one fact is indisputable: World War II, which was largely a continuation of World War I, was followed by the creation of Israel. Wikipedia’s article Israel includes the following passage:

During World War I, British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour sent the Balfour Declaration of 1917 to Baron Rothschild Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, that stated that Britain intended for the creation of a Jewish ‘national home’ within the Palestinian Mandate.

So international Jewry were indeed plotting the creation of a new theocratic nation — at the expense of Arab Palestinians — long before World War II. Did they just patiently wait for it to happen, or did they manipulate events to make it happen? There is powerful evidence suggesting Israel is the fruit of a conspiracy, though the scope of the conspiracy isn’t yet clear (to me, at least).

South of the Border

The United States has hammered Argentina hard at least twice since World War II. Henry Kissinger (a Jew with dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship) was a key figure in Operation Condor, which led to Argentina’s “dirty war.” (Many people, by the way, consider Kissinger one of history’s greatest war criminals.) More recently, Argentina’s economy was nearly wrecked by Paul Singer, a Zionist Jew and “vulture capitalist” who’s a prominent member of the U.S. Republican Party.

Sean Penn is a Zionist stooge and a colossal liar. Check out this video where he rants about Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (one of Hugo Chavez’ most esteemed allies) not taking care of his people when Libya actually boasted perhaps the highest standard of living in Africa. We’ll also learn about a Jewish economist named Milton Friedman, who some say was to Latin America what Adolf Hitler was to Jews (or Abraham Lincoln to Native Americans).

Closer to Home

There was indeed a Jewish Mafia (which sometimes worked with the Sicilian Mafia) based in the U.S., and it ran organized crime in Cuba under the leadership of Meyer Lansky until the Cuban Revolution ended the party. So when JFK conspiracy theorists point a finger at the Mafia, they could be indicting Jews at the same time. However, some people think Israel sponsored John F. Kennedy’s assassination because of his desire to monitor Israel’s illegal nuclear wapons program. Some think this speech may in turn be one of the reasons Gaddafi was murdered.

U.S. political leaders with dual U.S./Israeli citizenship include Henry Kissinger, Joe Lieberman and Paul Wolfowitz, who left office (U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense) to become president of the World Bank until he resigned due to scandals.

James Wolfensohn, the World Bank president succeeded by Wolfowitz, is also Jewish. If fact, the World Bank was created by Jews, as was the International Monetary Fund and the Federal Reserve, which has been run by Jews (including Alan Greenspan) since 1979. This political and financial power enables Israel to obtain an endless stream of money and weapons from the U.S. A Saturday Night Live skit that poked fun at this state of affairs drew the wrath of the Anti-Defamation League (SNL Lands in Hot Water with Anti-Defamation League over Hagel Sketch).

America’s Favorite Ally

Israel did attack a U.S. warship (the USS Liberty) in 1967, and it did plot to kill U.S. citizens in Egypt in 1954 (the Lavon Affair).

There’s overwhelming evidence that ISIS is controlled by the U.S., Israel or both. That would explain why it seems to attack every country in the Middle East except Israel.

Beyond Politics

Jews have controlled Hollywood for decades. I can’t say with certainty that Jews control the global economy or media, but there’s abundant evidence pointing at that conclusion. There are also some striking links between Jews and pornography. The diamond industry is very closely associated with Jews.

In Your Neighborhood?

Though I’ve long been critical of Israel, I never had much to say about Jews. I simply hadn’t found time to do my homework and learn the truth. Besides, criticizing Jews can be consisdered racist — or can Jews be classified as a race? In some countries, merely questioning certain aspects of Jewish culture or history can land you in jail.

Then one day in 2015 — about twenty years after I became a political activist — I read an article that claimed Jews control Hollywood (“Is Hollywood run by Jews? You bet!,” apparently no longer online, but read the follow up, “Who runs Hollywood? C’mon.”). It wasn’t on a far-right racist website; it appeared in the LA Times. (Hollywood is located in Los Angeles.) It’s actually widely known that Jews have controlled Hollywood for decades, even if that fact isn’t commonly advertised.

That revelation prompted me to do some research on Jews. My main focus was on the national and international political scenes, but I also took a look at Jews in Seattle, which has evolved into a major bastion of the so-called New World Order.

I was frankly stunned by what I learned, though my research is far from complete. In fact, I discovered that some of my biggest enemies among the Seattle media are Jews. While I was essentially giving them a free pass, they were stabbing me (and the students I fought for) in the back. Of particular interest is The Stranger, a Jewish-owned weekly newspaper that merges Zionism with pornography. Nina Shapiro, a Jewish media rat who recently left the Seattle Weekly for the Seattle Times, is a notable shill for Monsanto’s genetically modified food.

One Vast Conspiracy?

As they say, where there’s smoke there’s fire. The big question, perhaps, is whether these are a bunch of independent fires or one big inferno signaling a vast Jewish conspiracy.

Global Awakening

I was late to the party. Millions of people around the world have long feared or hated Jews in general or certain groups of Jews in particular, and their concern isn’t always irrational.

A book titled The Protocols of the Elders of Zion describes a plot by international Jewry to take over the world. The book was published in Russia in 1903, before World War I, but it was later pronounced a forgery by a British newspaper. The mainstream media, including Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica, obediently repeat the forgery charge. Yet these same mainstream sources brazenly lie about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Osama bin Laden and related topics, so why should anyone believe what they have to say about The Protocols?

Even if The Protocols is a fraud, one has to wonder if it’s at least partially true. The amazing thing is that portions of it are eerily believable — an example of art imitating life?

Millions of minds were awakened by the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the events that followed, and people who try to connect the dots often wind up following trails that lead to Israel or Jewish interests. And no one denies that the invasion of Iraq was a political blunder, to put it politely. Yet the passionate revelations of the so-called 9/11 truthers are treated with contempt and ridicule, similar to The Protocols.

A ferocious war of words and ideas is now being waged between Jews and gentiles (non-Jews). More precisely, we might say this war is being fought between “bad Jews” (and their supporters) and everyone else, including Jews who aren’t corrupt. But how can we know the difference?

We are living in a make-believe world, where truth is eagerly invented and distorted by corporate media, corrupt politicians and the muddled masses who obediently memorize and repeat everything they hear. Not surprisingly, Jewish interests use a variety of tricks to muddy the water, making it still more difficult to learn the truth.

Ironically, this very intellectual dishonesty helps us recognize them for what they are. In the end, careful research, combined with scientific discipline and logic, can help us see the big picture, even if we never learn all the details.


While working on this series, I discovered an article in New York Magazine (Bad for the Jews?) that, in a sense, elegantly condenses much of what I wrote to just five paragraphs. The author essentially says that Jews’ well known reverence for learning, combined with centuries of marginalization, have produced a super race. And since there’s a little good and bad in all people, Jews have produced some of history’s most celebrated thinkers and artists and some of its greatest monsters at the same time.

There may be no better symbol of this divide than Albert Einstein, the famous German-born Jewish genius who played an important role in the development of the atomic bomb. But for what purpose? The Allies didn’t need the A-bomb to defeat Germany. Instead, they used it to slaughter thousands of innocent Japanese civilians.

We all know that the United States and many other countries are controlled by an evil empire run largely by corporate interests. Someone has to be running the show, and if it isn’t Jews, who is it?

I’m sorry it has taken so long to get this series off the ground. I’ve been busy upgrading my websites and campaigning for public office (see I hope to finish this series sometime in June or July, but I can make no promises. In the meantime, a few articles will be available online even though they’re not finished.