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It’s hard to imagine a more widely hated group of people than Jews. Rather than deny it, even many right-wing Zionist Jews often admit they’re hated around the world before claiming that anti-Jewism is unfair.

But why are Jews so hated? And why do they so seldom use the word anti-Jewism?

Before anti-Jewism can be rationally discussed, one should put a couple related topics in perspective — oppression and antisemitism.


There’s little question that Jews have long been targeted by oppression and violence, particularly in Europe. Indeed, the word pogrom is defined as an organized massacre of a particular ethnic group, especially that of Jews in Russia or eastern Europe. Though in use since at least the 13th century, the word Holocaust has similarly been co-opted to define the persecution of Jews in Germany during World War II.

However, the common attitude that Jews are the most persecuted people in the world is questionable at best. Many minorities have been completely wiped out. Comparing the persecution of Jews to the mistreatment of Africans or Native Americans is absurd. Jews aren’t living on reservations with Native Americans. Relatively few Jews live in poverty or are targeted by rogue police officers. In the U.S., gentrification (a type of ethnic cleansing) generally targets black people, not Jews. The alleged persecution of Jews by WWII era Germany pales in comparison to the ongoing Native American holocaust.

At the same time, it’s important to realize that Jews haven’t always been innocent victims, as commonly portrayed. Indeed, many historians have argued that they bought the Holocaust on themselves.


The hatred of Jews is commonly described as antisemitism, a word that even Encyclopedia Britannica describes as a misnomer. It’s very confusing because many of the people persecuted by Israeli Jews are Semites, while many or even most Jews may not be Semites at all. In addition, the word is wildly manipulated in the political arena.

Anti-Zionism is the hatred of Israel and (Zion) and Zionists, which are not exclusively Jews. Anti-Jewarchism is the logical hatred of excessive Jewish power and corruption. The broader hatred of all Jews, typically in a racist manner, is more properly called what it is — anti-Jewism.

For a more thorough discussion of these terms, see Jewspeak.

Why do people hate Jews?

A number of discussions on online forums offer a variety of explanations for anti-Jewism, which is almost inevitably referred to as antisemitism. It’s interesting comparing discussions on Jewish or Zionist websites to discussions on anti-Jewish websites. In some cases, both sides will cite the same reason but in a different context. For example, Jewphobes typically resent Jews allegedly getting rich by exploiting other people, while Jews say gentiles are just jealous of Jewish success.

WebRanger’s Note: While researching this topic, I stumbled across a very short article (Bad for the Jews?, New York Magazine) that I think hits the nail on the head. The author suggests that Jews’ reverence for learning, combined with centuries of marginalization, have essentially produced a super race. Thus, Jews have produced some of history’s greatest thinkers, artists and even revolutionaries. But they have also produced some of history’s greatest monsters, and the bad Jews appear to be running the show.

Below is a list of ten specific reasons for anti-Jewism or anti-Jewarchism.

1. Jews are a minority
2. Folklore, superstition and conspiracy theory
3. Stereotyping and broad-brushing
4. Scapegoating
5. Jealousy of Jewish success
6. Jewish Arrogance
7. Jews & Money
8. Jewish Crime
9. Sexploitation
10. Education & Miseducation

1. Jews are a Minority

Minorities are typically taken advantage of by the majority, and Jews are clearly a minority.

In 2010, there were about 2.2 billion Christians — nearly a third of Earth’s total population. The second most popular religion is Islam, with 1.6 billion adherents. Islam is growing fast and is expected to soon catch up to Christianity. But Jews numbered just .01 billion, or ten million. (Israel has a population of about eight million, not all of them Jews.) That’s about 220 Christians for every Jew.

If we view Jews as an ethnic, rather than religious, group separate from Caucasians, they are still a minority.

Added to Jews’ minority status is their reputation for resistance to assimilation — and it isn’t just a myth. Kocer stores cater to Jews’ special dietary requirements, while Jews demand special legal rights that sometimes veer into the absurd. For example, Holocaust denial is illegal in over a dozen European countries as well as Israel, even while Israel’s leaders refuse to acknowledge the Armenian genocide.

This is discussed in more detail under Jewish Arrogance.

2. Folklore, Superstition & Conspiracy Theory

Few things are more frightening than the unknown, which can be a fertile breeding ground for superstition and wacko conspiracy theory. The irony is that some of the better known anti-Jewish conspiracy theories may actually be based on fact, or at least contain a kernel of truth. But separating truth from fiction can be difficult. Is there really a connection between African ebola outbreaks and the largely Jewish-controlled diamond industry, for example?

Anti-Jew hysteria has deep roots. Christians have long blamed Jews for killing Jesus. Many people blamed Jews for a plague known as the Black Death that swept across Europe in the mid-14th century, killing nearly half the population. Jews were reportedly less affected by the plague due to better hygiene, though the true reason might be their relative isolation from the mainstream population. Some people believed that Jews spread or even created the Black Death by poisoning wells.

In 1348-50, Jews were massacred in Toulon, France, then Barcelona, Spain, followed by attacks across Europe. Several hundred Jews were burned alive in a “Valentine’s Day” massacre in Strasbourg, which hadn’t even been affected by the plague yet. Some Jews reportedly killed themselves to avoid a more painful death.

Well poisoning, blood libel and host desecration are said to have been the most important causes of anti-Jewism in medieval Europe. Blood libel, or blood accusation, is an accusation that Jews kidnap and murder the children of Christians to use their blood as part of their religious rituals during Jewish holidays. It isn’t just a European tradition; false accusations of blood libel devastated the Jewish community in Massena, New York in 1928 (see Decades-Old Blood Libel Case Roils Town).

Host desecration is a form of sacrilege in Christianity involving the mistreatment or malicious use of a consecrated host — the sacred bread used in the Eucharistic service or Mass. The Jewish Encyclopedia has an article about this bizarre charge.

While Muslims are widely condemned for the genital mutilation of females (a practice shunned by the majority), many Christians have adopted circumcision, a Jewish tradition that targets males. The story took a rather macabre twist when several infants in New York City contracted herpes through a related ritual known as oral suction circumcision. (Two died of complications related to the disease.) In plain English, Jewish rabbis infected with herpes sucked on the infants’ penises (see NYC Considers Reversing Circumcision Rule on Herpes Danger Warning).

Such practices may reinforce both blood libel rumors and beliefs that Jews are closely associated with pornography and pedophilia.

3. Stereotyping and Broad-Brushing

It would be absurd to say that all Jews are bad or evil, but it would be equally absurd to say there are no bad Jews at all. Zionists are this generation’s equivalent of the Nazis, fiercely hated even by many non-Zionist Jews.

Thus, many people emphasize the distinction between antisemitism (generally abhorred) and anti-Zionism (widely embraced).

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple, because “bad” Jews are hardly limited to Zionists. There are the so-called “Jewish bankers” and Jewish “media whores.” There is or was also a Jewish Mafia, which sometimes worked closely with the Sicilian Mafia. There’s also an Israeli Mafia.

Thus, Jews are often stereotyped as rich, arrogant global gangsters.

Contributing to this public image is Jews’ reputation for not blowing the whistle on their own. Thus, Jews who aren’t ordinarily viewed as evil or corrupt may protect Jews who are corrupt. This loyalty makes it hard to fight child abuse within some Jewish communities.

The situation is not unlike the reluctance of most white people to actively fight racism or the passive acceptance of the fraudulent war on terror by U.S. citizens. However, the problem is apparently even worse among Jews because of their strikingly close genetic relationships and often tight knit communities.

4. Scapegoating

We’ve already learned that Jews have been blamed for everything from killing Jesus to poisoning wells to murdering Christian children for their blood. Any minority with that kind of rap sheet would likely be stigmatized. Jews therefore make a convenient scapegoat.

Unfortunately, Jewish propaganda often makes it difficult to distinguish between scapegoating and more rational retribution. For example, mainstream history accounts tell us that Hitler sought to exterminate Germany’s Jews either because of an irrational hatred or because he wanted an evil bogey man to focus the public’s attention on, just as American conservatives have exaggerated the dangers posed by communism and Muslims.

However, an examination of the historical record suggests that Hitler may have had some very rational reasons for hating Jews. In other words, many people believe Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves. To put it another way, many innocent Jews suffered for both the sins of the “bad Jews” and the tacit approval of the not so bad Jews. Even Holocaust legend Elie Wiesel, himself exposed as a liar and hypocrite, maintained that indifference is one of the major causes of human rights abuses.

5. Jealousy of Jewish Success

Some people claim Jews are hated primarily because people are jealous of their wealth, power and general success. While that is doubtless true of some people, it’s ironically similar to a common claim that people don’t like Bill Gates (not a Jew) because of his enormous wealth.

In fact, Bill Gates and his father are both extraordinarily corrupt. Similarly, many of the wealthiest Jews obtained their wealth through corruption. It is therefore possible for people to be jealous of their wealth and disgusted by their corruption at the same time. Then again, there are many people who aren’t inordinately jealous of Jewish success at all; they simply don’t like losing their homes while “Jewish bankers” are getting richer.

6. Jewish Arrogance

Arrogance, both real and perceived, has fueled anti-Jewish sentiment. In ancient times, Jews had a reputation for not only destroying other peoples but destroying their cultures, largely for religious reasons. For example, they resented objects that represented other people’s gods. Today, that very behavior manifests itself in ISIS (widely believed to be the creation of Israel and the United States), which destroyed much of Syria’s priceless heritage.

In Europe, Jews were long associated with both money and the wealthier nobility. It isn’t hard to imagine how this relationship could translate into an image of arrogance.

Today, the idea of Jewish arrogance probably stems largely from Israel, a country that routinely thumbs its nose at international laws and conventions. Zionists campaign for laws that essentially make it illegal to insult Jews or to even question historical accounts of the Holocaust. Laws targeting “antisemitism” are often supported in the U.S. by mainstream Christians, many of whom turn a blind eye to the ongoing persecution of Native Americans, Muslims and other groups.

This supreme arrogance is sometimes referred to as Jewish exceptionalism, which is similar to U.S. or American exceptionalism. Jewish exceptionalism is seen in a Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C., when there are no comparable museums commemorating the much greater Native American holocaust or the countless millions of lives that were ruined by slavery.

Jewish obsession with the Holocaust translates into an almost unbelievable lack of empathy for other people who are suffering even today. For example, Ayn Rand — a Jewish hero to millions of conservatives — said Native Americans deserved to be slaughtered and pushed off their ancestral lands.

7. Jews & Money

During the Middle Ages, European Jews often served as usurers and tax collectors, breeding contempt among the common people they appeared to prey on. Today, usury is so commonplace, it’s ironically seldom referred to as usury; many people don’t even know what the word usury means.

But the term Jewish bankers hasn’t been forgotten. In fact, it appears to be enjoying a renaissance on the back of neoliberalism, corporate corruption, the Holocaust industry and Jewarchism in general. Of course, there’s probably some truth in the defense that some people are simply jealous of Jewish “success,” though it’s often hard to distinguish between success, nepotism and corruption.

This is a big, complex topic discussed in more detail in the article Jews and Money.

8. Jewish Corruption and Power

Jews are associated with an enormous diversity of crimes and unethical activities, and the extraordinary power they wield over other people makes their crimes even more frightening.

To put it in perspective, the only other group of people who can be accused of controlling the global economy, the media and the U.S. government are white people. In fact, generations of colonialism, which lives on in neoliberalism) have made whites the obvious symbol of racism.

If we think of Jews as a distinct group of white people, one might see all the sins of the white race condensed in Jews. Few people would describe Norwegians or Greeks as terrorists or wonder how there could be so many U.S. politicians with dual U.S.-Norwegian or U.S.-Greek citizenship. (Actually, there are few, if any.)

While Jewish corruption was long regarded as a penchant for stealing money from people, it has taken on much more sinister overtones. Even many Jews have described the “Holocaust industry” as a vast shakedown. Henry Kissinger (a Jew) is widely associated with Argentina’s “dirty war,” in which citizens were kidnapped and murdered by a military junta. More recently, Argentina’s economy was torpedoed by Paul Singer, a billionaire Jewish bankster who has launched similar attacks on other nations. How can one man have the power and legal authority to wreck entire countries?!

Many have noted the irony of Israel’s ongoing complaints about Iran’s alleged quest to acquire nuclear weapons when Israel has nuclear weapons, in violation of international law. Nor has Israel ever been held accountable for its attack on a U.S. ship, the USS Liberty.

The Israeli government even plotted to murder U.S. citizens in Egypt, a conspiracy known as the Lavon Affair. This fuels the surprisingly common belief that Israel was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center. It’s also widely believed that Israeli or Jewish interests were responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Israel is likely the dominant player in the endless bloodshed in the Middle East. Israeli war planes have attacked Syria on multiple occasions, and Israeli operatives have assassinated Iranian scientists. The fact that ISIS has attacked just about every country in the Middle East except Israel fuels the belief that it is actually working for Israel. ISIS’ penchant for destroying archaeological relics especially makes it look like a Jewish operation.

It’s only natural that hatred of Jews should increase as the conspiracies — and the inevitable conspiracy theories they inspire — get ever bigger and wilder.

9. Sexploitation

The acronym CPP — circumcision, pedophilia and pornography — describes three controversial sexual practices that are widely associated with Jews.

Many conspiracy theorists believe Jews have long been plotting to control the world by controlling the economy and media and corrupting non-Jews’ morals. In fact, Jews do largely control the economy and media, and they also have enormous control over the entertainment industry, which can be amazingly raunchy.

This “sexing down” can perhaps be seen as a corollary to the well known “dumbing down” that appears to be the primary purpose of America’s corporatized public schools. There are also claims that Jewish interests are cleverly manipulating a gay agenda as an aid in advancing their own agenda.

This is a big, complex topic that is covered in more detail in Jews and Sex.

10. Education & Miseducation

Ironically, education and propaganda can both fuel hatred of Jews. For example, hard core racists may seize on any myth or lie that can be used to smear Jews and embellish it. Many anti-Jewish comments are blatant lies.

At the same time, many people who are taking a new look at World War II are coming to see Jews not as innocent victims but as one of the problems that led to war in the first place. A growing awareness of what many refer to as a “Holocaust industry” is particularly devastating. Some of the Jews’ biggest heroes, such as Elie Wiesel and Simon Wiesenthal, have been unmasked as colossal liars who raked in millions of dollars while pretending to champion human rights. The ultimate irony may be the fact that Wiesel was himself ripped off by another famously corrupt Jew, Bernard Madoff.

A Holistic Theory

It could be argued that usury is the primary source of Jewish power and corruption, which are in turn the driving force behind anti-Jewism.

The saying money is the root of all evil may not be literally true, but don’t tell that to political activists who remind the vigilant to “follow the money.”

Centuries ago, usury was frowned on by Muslims and Christians alike. European rulers thus chose Jews to serve as their money handlers.

This immensely increased Jews’ power, since money is one of the most potent forms of power. In addition, “court Jews” were allowed to associate with monarchs and aristocrats, giving them still more power. Jews had a unique opportunity to learn the dirty tricks employed by some of the most powerful and corrupt people in the world.

At the same time, the fact that usury was widely regarded as taboo, combined with the fact that many Jews helped plutocrats exploit people, may have legitimized criminal behavior in Jewish eyes.

Jews were handmaidens to some of history’s bloodiest monsters through centuries of colonialism and slavery. There’s substantial evidence that Christopher Columbus himself was a Jew.

Next, add Jews’ minority status to the mix. Even Jews who weren’t immensely wealthy and powerful might be reluctant to blow the whistle on their wealthier colleagues, especially if they feared or hated the Christian majority. It was probably also easy to convince many Jews that gentiles deserve to be exploited because of the way their ancestors allegedly treated Jews in the past.

Intoxicated by power and brainwashed by their own propaganda, Jews became masters of war and may have begun plotting to rule the world long before they acquired their own nation, Israel.

This would explain why Jews are so powerful and corrupt, which in turn explains they they’re so hated. People in many different nations have been cruelly exploited by Jews, especially in Europe, with people in the U.S. and Middle East now getting a taste of Jewarchy.