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Political Leader Evaluation Checklist
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PolCheck is an acronym for Political Leader Evaluation Checklist, a system for determining whether or not politicos who claim to be champions of reform or justice are genuine. It might be thought of as a sort of lie detector.The checklist is the creation of political activist David W. Blomstrom, who launched the website on Memorial Day, 2016.Based primarily on logic, PoleCheck is remarkably simple and effective. For example, controlled opposition (aka fake leaders) can’t be effective without being publicized. Thus, they generally receive far more publicity than genuine activists and leaders, who are typically ignored by the media. Fake leaders (who Blomstrom calls con-ops) are also almost certain to have corrupt connections. A lot can also be learned about a con-op by a quick glance at his or her website’s home page.Noting that genuine leaders are extraordinarily rare, Blomstrom cautions that all politicos should be presumed guilty until proven genuine. He claims that Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky, Sean Penn, Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, Chris Hedges, Alex Jones (InfoWars), Edward Snowden, Julian Assange (the WikiLeaks guy) and David Duke all flunk PoleCheck.However, it’s very important that individuals rate politicos themselves, rather than let someone else tell them who ’s genuine. Though PoleCheck can be a little time-consuming, it includes a “Quick Check” feature that Blomstrom claims can reveal a lemon in as little as sixty seconds in many cases.