Dec. 16 (Monday)

Lame on the Issues Syndrome
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A lissy is a person suffering from Lame Issues Syndrome (LISS). The word rhymes with sissy and has a somewhat similar meaning.

The most familiar example is the well known “one-issue candidate.” Another example is provided by politicos who ignore important and perhaps controversial issues in favor of safer but less important issues. Politicos who embrace multiple issues, perhaps even including important issues, but have little of substance to say about them can also be classified as lissies.

The terms Lame Issues Syndrome and lissy were both coined by political activist David W. Blomstrom in May 2016 while researching controlled opposition. He cites Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant as a classic lissy, hitching her wagon to the $15 minimum wage — a non-controversial issue opposed by few, if any, local officials — while scarcely mentioning Seattle’s corrupt kingpin Bill Gates. (Sawant’s ex-husband works for Microsoft.)