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Jan. 20 (Monday)

David W. Blomstrom
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David Blomstrom fulfilled his lifelong dream of working as a wildlife biologist in Alaska before embarking on a second career as a public school teacher in Seattle. Shocked at the extraordinary tyranny and corruption that swirled around him, he began asking questions.

Eventually, Blomstrom discovered that public education was in the throes of what he calls “privatization by stealth,” similar to the corporate takeover of the medical profession that transformed hospitals into HMO’s a generation earlier. Blomstrom began his crusade about the time a corporate cabal recruited a retired general named John Stanford to serve as Superintendent of Seattle Schools. Blomstrom became Stanford’s most committed critic as he discovered the General was apparently being groomed for a position as U.S. Secretary of Education. During the media frenzy that erupted during Stanford’s final days, Blomstrom was mentioned in USA Today and the New York Times.

Not content to sit on the sidelines, Blomstrom ran for public office seven times (possibly a local record), in the process discovering that the election system in Seattle and Washington State is every bit as corrupt as its counterparts in Florida and Ohio.

His attacks on the “Seattle Mafia” and “Education Mafia” (Bill Gates is a key member of both) led to an interest in national politics. Blomstrom was one of America’s most outspoken critics of both George W. Bush and the Republican Party and what he called the “Vichy Democrats.” He is also proud to hate Obama. Blomstrom is probably the only candidate in the nation who has regularly attacked Bill Gates — in Gates’ own home town, no less.

In 2015, Blomstrom declared his candidacy for Washington State Governor and took on the Jewish Mafia, of which Zionist Israel is just a small part. His Jewarchy campaign may be his crowning achievement. Google reacted by blacklisting

So is there anyone Blomstrom doesn’t hate?

Absolutely! He was a huge fan of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Libya’s Muammar Gadaffi, along with Che Guevara and Malcolm X, surprisingly compassionate people who shared Blomstrom’s hatred of people who abuse other people. If you have a brain, a sense of ethics and a little backbone, Blomstrom would probably call you his friend.

Most of all, he loved his students, who he regarded as his family.

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