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Welcome to politix, an exciting marriage of science, philosophy and spirituality. The best place to begin your journey is Politix 101 — a series of fourteen articles that will teach you more about politics than most people learn in a lifetime. If you’ve already explored Politix 101, then check out the links on the right.

If you’re a fan of Carl Sagan, you know that politix (which is much bigger than politics) can be as exciting and sometimes as weird as exploring deep space. It’s far more important, too.

If you care about the air you breathe, the food you eat, your rights and freedoms or even your job, get involved. As Sagan said, “Don’t sit this one out.”

Politix vs Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky, Sean Penn, Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Chris Hedges, Alex Jones (InfoWars), Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Dennis Kucinich, Geov Parrish and Wikipedia

Are you a fan of any of the “activists” highlighted in green above? Brace yourself: All are examples of something called controlled opposition (aka “fake leaders”). Below are ten things that distinguish Politix from the competition. Some of the individuals above pass a few tests; for example, Ron Paul has discussed quite a variety of issues in some detail, and Alex Jones has aired at least one token attack on Bill Gates. But some of the greenies listed above score a perfect 0 on this litmus test. Only Politix’ webranger scores an A+.

1. Reach out to beginners — How can you claim to champion political reform if you don’t even educate people? No one but Politix has anything similar to Politix 101.

2. Track Record & Online Resumé —Politix’ webranger has developed several political websites and has run for public office ten times, speaking out boldly and clearly on the issues. There’s no guesswork about his background or his stand on many major issues. Learn more at

3. Warning! — Most, if it not all, of the greenies freely mention and link to other politicos, media and websites without even warning novices that they may be dishonest or corrupt. Politix even sounds the warning on Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica, both of which have published some astounding lies in the political arena.

4. No Corrupt Connections —Bernie Sanders is a Democrat. Edward Snowden worked for the CIA, Chris Hedges the New York Times. Dennis Kucinich works for Fox News. Jesse Ventura’s conspiracy series was cool, but how did it get broadcast on prime time corporate TV? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

5. Discuss Issues — Some of the greenies mentioned above have spewed a tidal wave of rhetoric, and at least a couple have even written books. Quick: Can you list three major, provocative issues any one of the above has tackled? What do they stand for? Politix’ webranger tackles everything from political corruption to education to the environment.

Boycott Microsoft

6. The Holy Trinity — In today’s political climate, refusing to support the troops is regarded as almost suicidal. Similarly, can you name one politician, candidate or activist who is critical of Bill Gates? Almost no one dares say anything critical of anything Jewish, from Zionist Israel to “Jewish bankers.” Politix’ webranger takes on all three. In fact, he ranks among the biggest Bill Gates and Jewarchism watchdogs in the world. (The anti-Microsoft button on the left has long been a standard fixture on all Geobop websites.)

Fifth Republic Party

7. Working for 3rd party — Rather than continue voting for the lesser of evils, Politix’ webranger founded a new, untainted political party, the Fifth Republic Party.

8. Truthful — If you scrutinize any of the greenies, you can easily find some red flags. Some support the U.S. government’s absurd version of 9/11, for example. Politix’ webranger applies his training as a scientist and a teacher to political science. His writing is carefully researched and supported by logic, evidence and facts.


9. Censored — None of the greenies have any trouble getting publicity. Some have even been elected to high office, when genuine reformers may find it impossible to get elected to local city councils and school boards. Politix’ webmaster, on the other hand, has been widely censored, insulted and ridiculed by an army of propagandists — the same propagandists who attack our greatest heroes, from Fidel Castro and Che Guevara to Hugo Chavez, Malcolm X to Muammar Gaddafi. Even Google has attacked his political campaigns.

10. Spiritual Connections — Politix’ webranger was born and raised in rural West Dakota, visited Africa and worked as a wildlife biologist in the Alaskan wilderness for nearly a decade. Few urbanites have a close connection to Nature, which may help explain why so few of the greenies have much to say about the environment.

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Open your eyes! Most Americans have been brainwashed to a frightening degree, and sources of truth are getting harder to find. Wikipedia has become a mouthpiece for Israel, and even Enyclopedia Britannica contains some astonishing lies.

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David Blomstrom, WebRanger
Monday, January 20, 2020